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Minnlett's Midnight Melody


Født: 11.12.2007
Eier: Kennel Tunmark

Foto: Norunn J. Morvik

Foto: Norunn J. Morvik


Int S Fin Est Uch
Lundecock`s Xit From Hell
Nord Uch
Yosemite`s Following Star
S Uch
Bermarks Upside Down
Starbelle Striking Stella
Romlingen`s Naughty But Nice Int Nord Dk Uch nv-97
Eastdale Just Remember
N S Uch
Lundecock`s No Such Thing
Tunmark`s Fairy Footstep Int N S Uch ww-03
Poulsgaards Be My TalismanI
Dk Uch
Poulsgaards Symphoni Of Strauss
Concordia`s Hilary V Zitadellengr
Caravan Princess Bluebell Int Nord Dk Aus Nz Uch nv-97
Riabel Son Of A Gun
Sheltieblue O`blue Mirage

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